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Monty Langford logo film strips in the shape of a mountain

Monty Langford

Professional Videographer and Editor, based out of Toronto, Canada. Specializing in creative strategic video services for corporate projects & events, commercials, and life stories, delivering outcomes and results.

Recent Projects

Clocks + Colours

Clocks and Colours specializes in well crafted sterling silver jewellery. C+C was the subject of a spec commercial I directed with a team of 10 people (production & post-production), as practice in producing and directing a full video advert.

Close up of a woman with tattoos wearing clocks and colours jewelry
A photographer taking a picture of a women for a commercial

Writers' Trust

of Canada

Writers' Trust is a nonprofit that promotes and financially awards Canadian writers throughout their careers. I work with them to create and edit high quality videos and motion graphics to enhance their corporate and cultural identity online, including pieces for their awards nights.

Margaret Atwood speaking into a microphone at the Writers' Trust gala
A tiled decal of the Writer's Trust selected books for the Dayne Ogilvie prize in 2023


LifeXP is a start-up company that aims to gamify growth and learning in teens. To promote the new venture, we collaborated on an upbeat advert for their online marketing campaign.

LifeXP still frame of an woman jogging
LifeXP still frame of the mobile app on a phone

State of Gratitude

State of Gratitude is a lifestyle apparel brand based in the US, centred around supporting substance recovery initiatives. They also put on retreats and experiences that have needed event coverage and ongoing promotion.

A man playing guitar in front of a sunset with a state of gratitude sweater on
State of Gratitude still from of a girl smiling standing in a field of flowers

Life to Paper

Life to Paper is a heart-centred life story writing and publishing company. My task has been to put life to film, and-so I have been working with the LTP team to direct and shoot short and feature-length documentaries and book trailers (like movie trailers) for their authors.

Life to Paper still frame of a man writing in a journal
Life to Paper still frame of a woman being interviewed


Montra is a start-up company that created a slide-based video editor for online courses. They needed a motion-graphic heavy onboarding video to show investors and users, so we got to work!

Montra still frame of the desktop app
Montra still frame of UI design principles from the desktop app

Films & Docs

I love telling stories. These are some films and documentaries I've directed, shot, and/or edited.

Still frame of Monty Langford's short documentary "Edgar"
Still frame of Monty Langford's short film "Pirate Treasure"
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