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Monty Langford holding a RED cinema camera

Hello there!

Thanks for being here—the internet is an expansive and seemingly infinite place, and you've managed to navigate your way here!


A bit about me:

I've had a camera in my hand for the better part of my life, initially pursuing photography and videography as hobbies. Each year I got better at capturing moments through the lens, from landscapes to people and everything in between. After my time at WesternU, I decided to move to Toronto to pursue videography and film as a career path. I cut my teeth on film sets and in a post-production studio working on some really cool projects (my personal favourite was Star Wars).


Today, I'm shooting and editing high-quality works for premium clients who want to tell their Story, and solve problems. Through initial concept, to shooting, editing, visual effects and motion graphics, I've realized hundreds of projects to their full potential—whether it's story-motivated or solution-oriented.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Email me and let's schedule a call.

Phone number available after email connection.

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