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Hey! I'm Monty.
(Short for Montgomery)

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Hey! I'm Monty. I'm a Canadian filmmaker and documentarian, residing in Toronto, Canada (and sometimes Miami).

I fell in love with film when I was about 12, and the moment I did, my mom made me watch all the black & white, 3-hour-plus-long classics (like Seven Samurai, and Metropolis)—which I thought were boring at the time, but now I thank her for.

I studied film and philosophy in University and officially started my film journey nearly a year after, in 2018, when I filmed my Opa's short documentary about his escape from Estonia in 1944. Later that year I worked for a post-production studio as a Production Coordinator, working on blockbuster films, such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Hobbs & Shaw, and Monster Hunter. Soon after, I started cutting my teeth on film sets and music video productions as a PA and part of the G&E teams. I've been writing screenplays for the past few years and have started my directorial portfolio in the hopes to tell the exciting and impactful stories that inspired me.

I'm also the Cinematic Director for Life to Paper, a heart-centred book publishing company, that shares my love for telling stories. I help convert stories from paper to film, sharing them with hearts and minds, worldwide.

Feel free to check out my filmmaking TikTok page, Ten Second Film School, where I post videos of film industry terms, techniques, facts, and fun clips.

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